Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways are the quickest way to fan the fire of your relationship keeping the love sustained and nourished. The Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club gives you the space to fall in love over and over again; it has the makings of a great love story waiting to be discovered.

Lover's Nest

Shut the world out, during your romantic getaways, have eyes only for each other. Your lover's nest is vaal river accommodation fit for love. Facing the river, the rooms are comfortable and inviting. Pop a bottle of Zorgvliet Wine to start the festivities...the wine comes complimentary, toast your moments together as a couple.

Dinner for two

There is something special about sitting down with your beloved to enjoy a sinfully delicious meal. Enhancing your romantic getaways to be comforting, sexy, heartwarming and an adventurous all in one. Dine at one of the Hotel's river restaurants where you will delight in good food, fabulous ambience and the company of your love.

Lover's Cruise

Cruise down lover's lane when you board the Petit Verdot Floating Restaurant, a luxury cruiser sails the waters of the Vaal River.

Couple's Massage

As a spa hotel, the Riviera on Vaal Hotel effortlessly combines the benefits of both spa and hotel travel affording you enriching romantic getaways. The Zorgvliet Spa excels in adding relaxation to your life. Make time for a couple's massage. You and your loved one can enjoy your relaxation together, inspiring closeness.

Golf Escape

Playing golf together is similar to taking long romantic walks doing something you love. Don't worry if you don't have any playing experience, the joy of romantic getaways is a chance to learn something new together –a tip on keeping your relationship fresh and exciting. The outdoor air will do you good. Have fun in matching golf outfits and experience the joy of golf. The golf country club has an 18-hole golf course for experienced players and a 9-hole Pitch & Putt course for budding players.

Sustain your love with regular romantic getaways to the vaal river resort, Riviera on Vaal Hotel & Country Club will always welcome you with loving arms.

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